Friday, December 28, 2012


This is the first cover in my collection from South America.My friend Ernesto from Venezuela sent me this cover with some nice collection of worldwide stamps.Thanks Ernesto!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Another cover from Belgium thanks to Jacques Meysman.He used some bird stamps and also inside the cover there were a surprise from him.A mix collection of European stamps.Thanks a lot Jacques for this nice cover.


Very same day I got my second cover from Macau China thanks to my friend Li.This time there were two large postcards.Thank you very much Li !


My friend,Li from Macau China send the this nice cover and the post card.On the cover there are some stamps issued for 10th Macau Annual Food Festival.The stamps Features Sushi,Portuguese Egg Tart and Xiao Long Bao(Small Steamed Buns).Also there is a stamps of 2001 Census.Thanks Li for this new country in my collection.


Ivana Perunski from Croatia sent me this nice cover.My first cover she sent from Croatia lost in the post and she sent me this cover after that.The cover looks awesome with the stamps she used.There is a sheet of Minerals and Rocks of Croatia and two stamps which shows folk costume from Bizovac.Thanks a lot Ivana for this cover.


This is my first cover from Dominican Republic as well as from any Caribbean nation.I got this nice cover thanks to my friend Princess Jimenez.It took 24 days to reach Sri Lanka and the stamps she used mainly shows some out-standing ladies like Maria Montez (1912-2012) and Anacaona (1474-C.1503).Thanks a lot Princess for this awesome cover.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


 Here is the surprise of the week.This cover is from Azerbaijan and it was sent by my colnect pal Eliza.She collects Post cards and sent me a pack of 16 postcards from Azerbaijan.Here you can see all the postcards of the pack.Thanks Eliza for this awesome treat!


In order to complete my collection,my Dutch friend Nick send me this awesome cover with this 2012         Christmas stamps.Inside the cover there is a nice surprising card with Tulips.Thank you very much Nick the great treat.                                                                                                                                                


My first cover from South Africa and the second cover in my collection from an African nation.This was sent by Ruhan Robinson and it took about 18 days to reach to Sri Lanka.For the cover he used a stamp with White Bellied Sunbird.Inside the cover there was a nice postcard of Johannesburg skyline.Thanks Ruhan for this nice cover.


Thanks to Edwin Siagian,I got my second cover from Indonesia.There he used several stamps with different themes and the cover looks great.Inside the cover there was postcards too.Thanks Edwin for this nice cover.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Thanks to my friend Fation Zane,I got this unique cover to my collection from Albania.It took about 17 days to travel and was posted from the capital of Albania,Tirane.Inside the cover there were 2 awesome postcards with the views of places named Vlora and Berati.Untill I saw these two cards I never thought that Albania is so beautiful.Thanks you very much Fation.