Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Left-Blue Crowed Hanging Parrot & Nibung Palm
Middle-Snoring Rail & Elmerrillia
Right-Great Argus & Morus


Left- Moluccan King Parrot & The Cooktown Orchid
Middle-Black-naped Oriole & White Sandalwood
Right-Helmeted Hornbill & Light Red Meranti


Three covers in one day,from Indonesia. Isn't that great? Thanks a lot Juned for these awesome treats.I really like the provincial flora and fauna stamps he used.
Top Right-Bali Myna & Dysoxylum (Majegau)
Bottom Left-Liza Dussumieri &Vitex Cofassus
Bottom Right-Leopard & Plum Mango/Marian Plum(Gandaria)


Yesterday I got this amazing cover from Croatia,actually this is my second cover and the stamps a undeniably amazing.I really love the WWF stamps of Purple Heron and a huge thank goes to My friend Predrag.Thanks a lot for this nice cover.

Friday, July 26, 2013


This is my first postcard from India.This was sent by Som.The card shows The Gateway of India and the stamps he have used is a definitive of JRD Tata.Thanks a lot for the nice postcard Som! I hope your son is well.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Thanks to my Lithuanian friend Arunas I got this amazing cover,postcards and stamps.Thanks a lot Arunas for this new country.


Its Doctor Who??????????????? I got my first cover from United Kingdom thanks to my friend Nigel.The stamps were really amazing and I loved to read your long letter.It was awesome.Thanks a lot Nigel!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Another nice cover from Jinesh and this time its Swami Vivekananda stamps.The cover is superbly clean and the postmarks are amazing.Thanks Jinesh!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Sent from another Indian friend of mine,Jinesh.He used a nice sheet of India-Philippines joint issue.Thanks a lot Jinseh.This is a great cover from India.


 Another Pacific island from Will's friend Hugh who volunteers in Kiribati.This was posted from Tarawa,the capital city of Kiribati.The stamp have not cancelled but the postcard is just amazing.I'm usually not  a big fan of multi view postcards but this one is really interesting postcard.Thanks a lot Hugh.



From one of the smallest nations in the world, thanks to my friend Will Chen who is volunteering there.The cover was posted at Nauru Philatelic Bureau and it was posted in 13th June.It took close to a month to arrive here.I'm so grateful to Will for helping me.Nauru is such a lovely country because of the marine life.
This cover made my week.


It Italy again.I'm so pleased that all my Italy covers are full of amazing stamps.This was sent by my newest Italian friend Matteo.I love the water fountain stamps. Thanks a lot Matteo for this nice cover.


My second cover from Portugal thanks to my interpals friend Isidoro.Inside the cover there was a nice postcard with a view of Lisbon,the capital city of Portugal.Thanks a lot Isidoro.


Thanks to my friend from Mozambique, Carlos Pinto I got another new country from Africa.This time its Swaziland.Alongside Lesotho,Swaziland is the only other kingdom in Africa.The stamps are really nice and the Postcard shows The famous Reed Dance Ceremony.Carlos was in a vacation there and he didn't forget me.Thanks a lot Carlos.


Never in a million years throught that I will get a cover from Suriname this soon.All thanks to Cheryll Tjon.It was sent on 4th July and only took a week to arrive here.Inside the cover there was a postcard of an amazing bird I always loved.There you can see three types of Toucans,Channel-billed Toucan (left),Red- blilled Toucan (second from left) and Toco Toucan (right)........I used to see Toucans at the Dehiwala Zoo but they do not exist there anymore.Thanks a lot Cheryll!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I got my first cover from South Asian nation Bangladesh,thanks to Sumanto Kumar.Must say Sumanto is a very helpful person.He is a good collector but more than that he is a great friend.I like the bird stamps a lot.Thanks Sumanto!


This is my third cover from our neighbor country India.This was sent by Vivin Fernandes.The stamps shows spices of India,Black Pepper,Clove,Cardamom and Cinnamon which all these spices are also familiar in Sri Lanka as well.Thanks a lot Vivin!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


One of my favorite islands in the world,Bermuda.It was a little shock to see a cover from there but thanks to my friend Vikki,I got this amazing cover.Its unbelievable for me.Thanks a lot Vikki.


My first cover from Thailand thanks to Gladdie Acepcion. Inside the cover there were five postcards and the best thing was that the cover was full of amazing stamps.Thanks Gladdie.