Monday, April 22, 2013


Interpals have been very lucky for my collection because this postcard is also from a friend I met there.Thanks a lot Nika for this really nice postcard and it makes me want to visit Slovenia.


From the land of roses I got this nice postcard and cover thanks to Hristiyana.I found her on interpals and she was kind enough to fulfill my request by sending a postcard related to Roses.Bulgaria is the country which produces most rose oils.As the card says,it takes 1000 roses to produce 1g of rose oil.


I really felt like I'm dreaming when I got this cover.I have only had few (about) 2 original stamps from Burundi in my collection and to receive a cover from Burundi made my day...wait, my month.Thank you so much Ally for this great help and this cover will be another gem in my collection.