Monday, January 28, 2013


What a nice surprise!I still can't believe that I got this cover from Jersey,Channel Islands.Thank you so much Sara for this awesome cover.Inside the cover there were 4 postcards,2 from Jersey and 2 from Brazil.Wow!
It feels awesome to have this in my collection.


My first cover from Philippines thanks to my interpals friend Sofrino.Inside the cover there was a postcard of Taal Volcano,an active volcano in Philippines and belongs to the area of Pacific Ring of Fire.Thanks a lot Sofrino for this nice treat!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Thanks to Jefferey Folger I got my second cover and without a doubt this is better that my first cover from U.S.A.The stamps on the cover shows true Americanness.Inside the cover there was a postcard with Landmarks of Buffalo,New York.Jeffrey has written that that Buffalo is famous for Snowy winters,Ice Hockey and Chicken wings covered in Hot Sauce.Thanks Jeffrey for this awesome cover and postcrad


This is the second cover in my collection from the Mediterranean island Malta.I got this thanks to my friend Brian Baldacchino.Inside the cover there was a postcard of Main Gate,Mdina.The stamps of the cover shows Valletta and Manoel Island.


Davide sent me my first card from Denmark.The message he has written in the postcard is somewhat great.He shared the Danish word "Hygge"-Forget the daily problems for a while and enjoy the simplest things in life.Thanks a lot for his nice treat.Also there was a postcard from the city he lives in Aarhus.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Arthur Gebis sent me this cover from Sweden.This is my first from Sweden.Inside there were two postcards.One was a view of Stockholm,the capital city of Sweden and other one was a the Swedish Royal Family.Thanks a lot Arthur for this awesome treat!


My first cover from Finland thanks to Jonna.Thanks a lot for this cover and postcard.I got this cover on 2013.01.19.Thanks again Jonna!


It's a shame that after having 39 countries I'm posting a cover from Sri Lanka and it's funny that I posted this to myself.Anyway I used Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi stamps and an odd shaped stamps of Yuri Gagarin for this cover.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


This cover just stopped my BREATHING for few seconds.This is from a micro nation named Principality of Lichtenberg.Lichtenberg was founded on July 15, 2010 by the current Sovereign Prince as a Hereditary Monarchy. The Current Sovereign Prince took the regal name of Maximilian and became His Serene Highness Prince Maximilian I of Lichtenberg. His Serene Highness stated a goal to create a country which is a modern day democracy with freedoms for everyone, but also a throw back to the Principalities of Germany.The Principality has over 100 citizens worldwide and this number is steadily growing. The stamps used for the cover shows a picture of Prince Maximilian.Prince Maximilian sent me this cover but thanks you very much for giving me such an awesome surprise!


Maryam didn't forget me in Canada as well.She sent me this very nice cover and the card.The stamps she used reflects the true spirit of Christmas.Ginger Bread Mens,Holly leaves and berries and Christmas Ornaments.The cover was posted from Christmas Island of Nova Scotia.The post office of Christmas Island gets postcards from around the world during Christmas time so they can get the Christmas Island post stamp.The cancellation is really beautiful.Thank you very much Maryam!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I got this cover from Turkey without informing me and the addresses on the cover and also inside are not clear.The sender is Vecdi Ozmetin.So if you see this please send me an email with your address.Otherwise it will be hard to recognize your address.I will try my best.Thanks a lot


A classic treat from Faiza Benchalal of Algeria.Inside the cover I found a different type of postcard which is taller than usual ones.Thanks a lot Faiza for this new country.


A nice treat for the Christmas from Salvatore Izzo.He sent me this nice cover and a great Christmas card from Italy.Thank you very much for reminding me during the festive season.


My first cover from Ireland thanks to Y.L Phuah.He sent me this cover with a postcard of Dublin and also there were a 1 Euro coin and a Malaysian Ringit.Thanks a lot for this cover.

Friday, January 4, 2013


I received this cover with a special cancellation.It was posted in 2012.12.12.I got this nice cover thanks to Hemal Munoosigh.Also there were some mint stamps and a souvenir sheet too.Thanks a lot Hemal!


Thanks to my friend Julius from Lesotho,I got my first cover from this african kingdom.Lesotho have some unique scenarios and the entire nation is surrounded by South Africa.The cover was posted from the capital city "Maseru"


Can you believe this?It's a cover from Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan.I got this rare piece thanks to my friend Mukul Bhowmik.He often visits to this amazing country for his philatelic needs and thanks to him I got this gem for my collection.Thanks a lot Mukul for this unique cover.