Friday, March 29, 2013


First it was a cover from Julius and now it is a postcard.I feel awesome when my friends send me the postcards I adore. This is simply awesome card and no doubt this will be my second favorite next to the postcard from China.


Thanks to my kind friend Muriel,I got a cover from Chile.Last time it was a postcard from Chile so I was little bit disappointed but not for a long time.Thanks Muriel for this nice treat.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


How many new coming collectors have a cover from Martinique? Oh yeah,I got one thanks to Samy and inside the cover there were two amazing postcards.This is a unique cover in my collection.Thanks a lot Samy for this nice treat!



A middle eastern nation in my collection for the first time thanks to Diala.This is from Lebanon and to my horror the people of the post office haven't attached stamps though Diala actually paid for it.But inside it was a nice postcard and thanks a lot Diala for this nice cover.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My first cover from Spain and unfortunately it was also damaged.Inside there was a nice postcard with the landmarks of Sevilla.Thanks a lot Alvaro for this awesome card but I really need another exchange.


I was hoping to get this card inside a cover but Muriel forgot it and send straight away.Unfortunately it was heavily damaged but I wish that I will have another swap so soon.Thanks Muriel!


My good friend Jonna surprised me this time with a postcard and a cover.I must say the stamps she use are very cute and funky.Thanks a lot Jonna for this nice treat.


Thanks to an unknown friend named Selezenev Roman,I got this surprise from Russia.For a long time i was looking for a cover from Russia and finally it was a postcard.Never mind because it have some awesome stamps on it.I hope that soon I will have a cover on my blog from Russia.Thanks Roman.