Thursday, February 21, 2013


Actually this is my first cover from Hungary.But since it didn't have any stamps I didn't published it but when I had to post the cover from Slovenia,I felt that I must post this one too.


This cover disappointed me a bit,But I just loved those two postcards.Specially the one with feather butterfly.I wish to have another exchange with Nika.Anyway,Thanks for you very beautiful postcards!


Thanks to my interpals friend Rita,I got my first cover and postcard from Portugal.On the cover you can see a Christmas stamps and the postcard is showing some nice cats.Usually I don't like multi-view cards but I loved this one since the panels are large and the pictures are clear.Thanks Rita for this exchange!


YEAH! I got a cover from Ukraine finally.Last time Max forgot to send me the postcard inside a cover but this time he send me one and kept the promise.But he repeated the same postcard but who cares since I got a new country among my covers.He lives in the building on the left side and its wonderful to send a postcard with a view of the place he lives in.Thanks Max!


Laura is someone whom I had exchanges in my early days I started this collection.Exactly I got my 14 cover from her.She knows well that I love odd shape stamps.It feels so nice that she haven't forget me.This is the 69th cover in my collection and 4th cover from Canada.Thanks a lot Laura for your help to have this in my collection!


Another nice cover from my very good Italian friend Slavatore.This time it is with some Winter Olympic stamps and I was so glad to have this since I didn't get much covers during previous days.Thanks a lot Salvatore for this nice surprise.


Its Happy to have a letter after a long time.This is my first from China and the best thing is this postcard is very unique and attractive.Unfortunately Darien was unable to send the card inside a cover because the postal rate is bit expensive.Never mind because this postcard is very nice.Thanks!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


This is my first postcard from Ukraine and It was sent by Max Bugayov.This card shows a view of Pozniaky,in Kiev,the capital city of Ukraine.We decided to have another exchange and soon I will have a cover too in my collection from Ukraine.Thanks a lot for this nice card!

Monday, February 4, 2013


This is the most surprising cover of the year.Haha.Kinga really surprised me because she sent me a Toblerone Chocolate inside the cover.I'm still surprised about her braveness of risk taking to send something like that inside a cover through normal mail.haha,It was so delicious.The postcard features special things of Switzerland.Thank you soooooooooo much Kinga!You really surprised me.


This nice cover is from Poland and was sent by Elsbieta.Inside the cover there were two postcards of her town named Kruszwica.Both cards features the town's landmarks.Thanks a lot for your friendly support for my collection!


Thanks to Isela I got my first cover from a Central American nation.Its Costa Rica.Unfortunately the cover doesn't have any stamps and she had used a sticker label.Inside the cover there is a very nice postcard featuring very common bird in Costa Rica,Scarlett Macaw.Also there were two coins as well.Thanks a lot Isela!