Friday, November 30, 2012


Thanks to my friend Fation Zane,I got this unique cover to my collection from Albania.It took about 17 days to travel and was posted from the capital of Albania,Tirane.Inside the cover there were 2 awesome postcards with the views of places named Vlora and Berati.Untill I saw these two cards I never thought that Albania is so beautiful.Thanks you very much Fation.


I already have three covers in my collection from Nepal.So this time I asked for a postcard from my friend Heli,so here it is.This nice postcard shows a view of Yetser Changchuoling Monastry in Upper Dolpa.The postcard received in 26th November 2012.Thanks a lot Heli for this nice postcard.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Today morning,I received this awesome cover from Mongolia, thanks to Roman Korobov.Mongolia is not a country that we get mails very much often.There were stamps affixed in both sides.I still can't believe that i already have one from Mongolia.Totally amazing.Thanks Roman,I will never be able to find one like this without your help.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


This cover is the second cover of my collection from Italy,Thanks to Salvatore Izzo.I was pretty much surprised by this visit because I didn't know him earlier.Anyway I like this cover very much and the swap will be continued.Thank a lot Salvatore for this nice cover.


 A nice surprise from Malta.This cover was sent by Brian Baldaccino.This is the first cover from Malta and the stamps are really beautiful.Inside the cover there was a post card of Valletta,the capital city of Malta.Thank you very much Brian for this great cover.


This is the first cover of my collection that I received from Austria.This cover sent by Dr.Florian Tirk.The cover posted in 6th November 2011 and It took 10 days to reach Sri Lanka.Thanks a lot for this swap.


Many will think that this is my first from Hungary.Actually this cover is the second one but the first cover didn't have any stamp.Thankfully Patolas Ferenc agreed to send me another cover to help me to complete  a gap of my collection.This cover took 23 days to reach me.Thanks a lot for this cover Patolas!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Victor is a great stamp exchanging partner of mine.This the second swap that we did.This time he posted his cover from Belgium.Inside the cover there were about 60 stamps from different countries like Trinidad aand Tobago,Tunisia,Algeria,Mauritius,Montserrat,Turks and Caicos Islands,Guernsey,Botswana,etc...........
What I noticed is none of the the stamps of the cover haven't canceled.Thanks Victor for this great swap.


This is the 2nd cover from Czech Republic.It was sent by Milan Zacek.This cover is much beautiful than earlier one because I like each and every stamps of this cover.This cover took 10 days to reach Sri Lanka.Thanks Milan for this awesome cover.


Very soon I got my 2nd cover from Canada, thanks to Maryam Irwan.Mayram used beautiful stamps about Titanic Centenary and some stamps from Beneficial Insects issue.Inside the cover there was a nice greeting card.Thanks Maryam for this nice swap.


My first cover from Estonia thanks to Heidi Barot.This is a joint issue among Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania for a railway bridge.Heidi pposted the cover on 25th October from Tallinn and it received on 3rd November.Thanks a lot Heidi for this new country in my collection.