Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This is my first cover from Hong Kong China thanks to Hu Kun.The second cover is on the way and I t didn't take a lot of time to reach me.There was also a postcard too inside the cover.Thanks a lot Hu.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I have many covers from Eastern Europe now.This one is from Vlad Doaga.It took 14 days and the stamp features Lucian Blaga(1895-1961).Thanks Vlad for this new country.


From Lars Waterstrat I got my first cover from Germany.The cover is very simple and I love the stamps.It took 13 days to reach me.Thanks a lot Lars for this new country.


Another South American nation after Venezuela.This was sent by Sergio Madera.It was posted on 2013.05.8 and it received on 2013.06.19.Inside the cover there was a postcard of Montevideo.Thanks a lot Sergio.


A new country without informing...this was sent by a collector named Oleg.First of all I really want to thank you for believing me.
But if you see this post,please send me an email to gayanth@rocketmail.com with your address,because I can not clearly understand you address. Oleg used a single stamp of 100th anniversary of Riga Zoo.Inside the cover there was a postcard of Latvia's capital city,Riga.Thanks again Oleg.


My lovely uncle Clive told me that he sent me a cover but he surprised me.Inside the cover there was a lovely desk calender,a complete set of Kiwi stamps and four postcards.It means lot to me uncle.I just love the postcard with all the birds.I love this entire pack....a lot.


My newest Indian friend Mani sent this cover with a series of Mountain stamps.The cover is simple and clean.It took 14 days to reach me.It was posted in Perambalur.Thanks a lot Mani.



Irene Chen always got a great taste of what her exchanging partners would like.This is my second swap with her and she amazed me again.This stamps are so lovely.Thanks a lot Irene.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Guys ! Its sixth cover from Canada.Thanks a lot Luca Toscani.The cover is full of stamps and must say all my Canadian covers got the best stamps.Feeling lucky.


My very dear friend Princess sent me this surprise.This is my second cover from Dominican Republic.Thanks a lot Princess.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Edwin Always use the most amazing stamps for covers and this is one of them.Thanks a lot Edwin.


Another true friend,Salvatore from Italy sent this cover.He usually sends me covers and now I got many form Italy.It was posted in 3013.05.06 and I got it in 2013.05.13....not a huge time.Thanks a lot Salvatore.


As a thanking I got this my only friend from Ukraine.Inside there was a nice postcard of KIEV,the capital city of Ukraine.The specialty of this cover was that it was missent to Thailand.But I got it finally after a long journey.Thanks a lot Max.


Hey Guys,I'm back.I have been so busy with the exams and here I am.What an amazing cover from Laura,My very loving friend from Canada.She knows I love odd stamps so here is her third cover for me.Its a sticky stamp set and the cover looks absolutely amazing.Thanks Laura! You really know what I like.