Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Seems like I got my many favorite covers yesterday.This lovely cover is from Belgium.Thank you very much Praifa for this cover.As I asked and wanted Praifa used a sheet of much beloved Belgium born cartoon character TIN TIN.Needless to say that Tin Tin is much famous in Sri Lanka as well.This cover features a scene from "Tin Tin in Congo".Also there were some amazing stamps on this cover.Thank you very much Praifa for this treat and I totally love this cover.

This is the most unforgettable cover in the whole collection.Praifa enclosed following 2 souvenir sheets in a covered cardboard folder.A day before I planned to throw away Praifa asked me about other stamps she sent.If she didn't tell me about those I would have lost this beautiful sheets.I thought that folder was a normal cardboard like other collectors insert to avoid the cover bending.Anyway I'm happy with what happened at the end.

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